Is your holiday booked? Do you need immunisation?

At Ann St Family Medicine we understand the lure of travel. The excitement, the planning and the novelty involved in tackling a holiday makes the experience irresistible. With that experience may also come some health risks, and at Ann St Family Medicine we can assist you to avoid or minimize these health risks.

We offer immunisations against:

  • Covid-19 Vaccinations including both AstraZeneca & Pfrizer

  • Typhoid “Typherix”
  • Hepatitis A “Avaxim”

  • Hepatitis A pediatric “Havrix Junior”
  • Hepatitis A & B “Twinrix”
  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough) “Boostrix”
  • Pertussis & Poliomyelitis “Boostrix IPV”
  • Poliomyelitis “Ipol”
  • Influenza “Fluvax/Vaxigrip/Vaxigrip Junior”
  • Cholera “Dukoral”
  • Japanese Encephalitis (Yellow Fever)
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