Travel Medicine and Immunisations

At Ann St Family Medicine we understand the lure of travel. The excitement, the planning and the novelty involved in tackling a holiday makes the experience irresistible. With that experience may also come some health risks, and at Ann St Family Medicine we can assist you to avoid or minimize those health risks. We can advise you on:

  • Immunisation for travel overseas
  • Advice on how to handle sickness if overseas
We offer immunisations against:
  • Typhoid “Typherix”
  • Hepatitis A “Avaxim”
  • Hepatitis A pediatric “Havrix Junior”
  • Hepatitis A & B “Twinrix”
  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough) “Boostrix”
  • Pertussis & Poliomyelitis “Boostrix IPV”
  • Poliomyelitis “Ipol”
  • Influenza “Fluvax/Vaxigrip/Vaxigrip Junior”
  • Cholera “Dukoral”
  • Japanese Encephalitis (Yellow Fever)

A script will need to be obtained from the doctor and the vaccination purchased from a pharmacy. The vaccination will then be given by a Nurse in The Treatment Room.

All travel immunisations come with an International Certificate of Vaccination booklet. If you already own one of these, bring it to your immunisation appointment to be updated.

Current Travel Health Alerts

Stay tuned. New alerts ready to be posted.

If you’re considering international travel, you can review up-to-date disease outbreak information on the World Health Organisation website here.

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